Our philosophy on pet parenting and ownership

Have you ever noticed how everyone seems so much friendlier when you’re out walking your dog, or when they meet your kitten for the first time?? That’s because a sense of community exists in the hearts of pet owners. And all we need to do to activate it is connect with another pet owner or a pet.

Pets Plus Us is a place where that community will come to life. Where pet owners know they can go to find other pet-people who have the same questions or who just want to share some of the joys and experiences of pet ownership. Because people who love pets understand that it’s their job to stay informed and keep their dog or cat healthy and happy. It’s great when we can get together somewhere where we can be ourselves, and be with others who share the same beliefs and values.

It wasn’t always like this…

As recently as a decade ago, how people felt about the relationship between people and pets and the responsibilities of pet ownership was dramatically different than it is now.

Today, the majority of pet owners view their pets as part of their family. Over the past decade, our pets have grown to become life companions who can play a vital role in our personal lives and even contribute positively to our emotional and physical well-being.

If this is you, you’ll find everything here you need to know about being a responsible pet parent here at Pets Plus Us.