Try Roll-over 6 Week Trial Coverage for your clinic

When pet owners have pet insurance, they have assistance with their veterinary bills to ensure they can get their pets the best care possible.  This adds up to healthier pets, a more profitable practice, and the ability to practice optimal veterinary medicine using the most advanced treatments and procedures available.

Earn a free pizza lunch for your clinic! Register 30 Trial Coverage vouchers between June 1st and June 30th.

Pets Plus Us’ Roll-over Trial Coverage is the perfect way for pet owners in your clinic to sample pet insurance coverage. This 6-week Accident & Illness trial coverage offers $7,500 of pet health insurance during the trial period. There's no obligation to purchase, and when they roll-over there is no waiting period for permanent coverage.

Plus, for the month of June, trial coverage vouchers will earn you a free pizza lunch for your clinic!

It’s easy to participate: pet owners fill out and sign a trial coverage voucher, and your team completes the veterinary section and faxes the voucher to Pets Plus Us at 1-855-865-7387.

Roll-over 6 week Trial Coverage includes:

  • $7,500 in Accident & Illness coverage
  • Trial coverage can be rolled-over into permanent coverage, even if the pet develops a condition during the trial period
  • No premium is payable
  • 80% of expenses covered by Pets Plus Us
  • $100 deductible per incident


  • Multiple pets are eligible, one trial coverage per pet’s lifetime
  • All dogs and cats from age 7 weeks up to and including 7 years of age
  • 48 hour waiting period after physical exam
  • Pets with pre-existing conditions are eligible for the trial coverage but there may be an exclusion(s) that are not covered

The advantages of “rolling-over” coverage

When a pet owner with trial coverage choses to enroll in permanent coverage, there is no additional waiting period and any claims made during the 6-week trial period do not carry-over to permanent coverage. Plus, all permanent coverage includes Pets Plus Us’ valuable Blue Ribbon Benefits.

We have several coverage options, with different features and options, including Canada’s first stand-alone Wellness plan. Learn more about Pets Plus Us plans here or by calling 1-800-364-8422.


Have questions?  Speak to your Ambassador or call us at 1-800-364-8422.