I will put money aside every month to save for unexpected veterinary costs:

On the surface, this type of savings plan might seem to have more value over insurance, but there can be some challenges along the way. The standard of veterinary medicine is high, and so are the costs to receive it! If your pet needs medical care before you’ve had a chance to save, it is possible that there won’t be enough in the savings account to cover those vet bills.

Unfortunately, it can only take one health crisis to drain a savings account, leaving it empty if another mishap occurs soon after. In contrast, Pets Plus Us Insurance Programs coverage limit renews each year!

Another challenge is that if your roof starts to leak or some other crisis arises, your pet’s savings account might be your only resource to help cover those unexpected costs. Premiums for Pets Plus Us insurance can be a predictable and affordable way for you to manage the financial risks of owning a pet, giving you access to annual limits towards the cost of your pet’s care quickly and easily.

Pet insurance works the same as Provincial Medical Care

The short answer is no, pet insurance is not the same as our personal health insurance. Although most of us consider our pets as another member of our family, coverage for their medical costs falls into the category of property insurance. This is different from our personal medical coverage, and our provincial health insurance.

My pet was just diagnosed with a chronic condition. If I get pet insurance now, will it help me manage the costs association with this condition in the future?

Pet insurance can only help protect pets and pet parents against the cost of the unforeseen. This means that conditions that were symptomatic or diagnosed before coverage enrollment or effective dates will be considered pre-existing and not be covered. While the pet insurance program will be unable to help cover the costs for those pre-existing conditions, there are still many reasons to purchase pet insurance, even after your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic condition.

Similar to my car insurance, I have to pay my pet insurance deductible every time I submit a claim

With Pets Plus Us Insurance, the deductible you have selected is only charged once a year and only if an accident or illness is reimbursed. It’s also not an additional charge! The deductible is an amount deducted from the eligible veterinary costs that are reimbursed to you.

I have an indoor cat. Do I really need pet insurance?

It’s normal to think that a cat who lives in the warmth and comfort of the indoors is unlikely to ever need veterinary care. However, although indoor cats aren’t exposed to outside dangers, they can fall off balconies, eat string and dental floss, ingest household cleaners, bite through electrical cords, or get into “cat fights” with their furry roommates. Additionally, common problems like kidney and bladder disease, or diabetes affect indoor and outdoor cats equally. Although the types of problems may vary, indoor cat owners can make as many claims as those who own outdoor cats.

My pet is healthy, so I don't need pet insurance.

One of the benefits of insurance is the peace of mind it offers against the unexpected. Many visits to the veterinarian are happy occasions. Regular checkups to protect and support the well-being of your pet. But sometimes, unpredictable accidents or illnesses happen, and you many find yourself visiting the vet under stressful conditions.

It’s difficult to predict if or when our pets might need to go to the vet urgently, but luckily modern veterinary medicine provides a high standard of care when animals need it most. Pet insurance is designed to help cover those costs associated with caring for your sick or injured pet, as well as offering you peace of mind against the unexpected.

If I make a claim, my premiums will go up

Some insurance providers make changes to your coverage or fees based on the kinds of claims you submit.  This practice is known as “Claims Risk Management” or CRM. This is common in the auto insurance industry, and some pet insurance providers use CRM too. 

Pets Plus Us insurance programs do not use CRM, and do not include personal claims history as a factor when generating your premiums. We also won’t make changes to your deductible or co-insurance based on claims experience either. This can give you the peace of mind to claim as often as required without worrying about your policy changing as a result.

I will be told what veterinarian I have to go to

We understand that the veterinarian-owner relationship is based upon trust and that bond is extremely important when it comes to looking after your pet. Pets Plus Us insurance allows every pet owner to select their own licensed veterinarian, whether that is an individual who has been looking after the family pets for generations, or a veterinarian sought out in an emergency while travelling. Any licensed vet in Canada is included.

Pet insurance is too expensive

Pet owners want the very best care for their pets, and modern veterinary science allows us to give our pets just that. Pets Plus Us insurance can help you manage the often-high costs associated with that care, in exchange for a premium that can be customized to best fit your budget. 

Our most affordable option is the Pets Plus Us Accident plan. Or you can choose between one of two Accident and Illness plans, which let you select your annual deductible, and how much of the bill you want Pets Plus Us to help with. This flexibility means you can customize a plan to best fit your budget.

My pet is too old for insurance

At Pets Plus Us, we don’t have an upper age cut off for senior pets, making us a great choice for those of you looking to enroll your older pets! However, the following are required to be completed for us to offer coverage. They are:  

  • A complete physical exam of all body systems 
  • All required vaccines must be current 
  • Lab reports required:
    • Geriatric comprehensive blood profile including T4 
    • Urinalysis including sediment 

Your senior pet will be able to enroll in coverage regardless of test outcomes, but pre-existing conditions will be excluded from coverage.

I keep my pet safe. They will never get into an accident

Every pet owner does their best to keep their pet as safe as they can. An accident, by definition, is unexpected or unforeseen, and can occur despite an owner’s best efforts to prevent it. They can eat something they are not supposed to; jump out of your arms; step on glass and so on. No matter how diligent an owner is, accidents can happen and the costs incurred to repair the damage can be significant.

My insurer will look for ways to deny my claims

Unfortunately, many people believe that insurance companies will do anything to make a profit, even if it is at the expense of the policyholder. As a result, most people expect to hear “no” when they submit a claim.

Pets Plus Us Pet is a re-imagined, re-invented pet insurance company that strives to help make pets and their owners happy every day! We do our underwriting (risk-assessment) up-front, which allows you to know what is or is not covered from the start. We have also made a promise to ourselves to say “yes” more than “no,” and to provide the same level of service that we, as pet owners ourselves, would expect.  When we ask for additional information or clarity regarding a condition or treatment, we aren’t trying to find a reason not to pay, but rather the opposite!