The Cat-huahua is the primary breed in the Dat family, making up 90% of this new hybrid species. Researches have concluded that the reason for this dominance is due to the ease of combining the physical characteristics of the Tabby and Chihuahua. Different colours and types of Tabbys have been bred with the Chihuahua, creating the variations you see pictured. However, in all instances you can see the similarities – the body and ears of a dog and the facial features and paws of a cat.

Personality-wise, the Cat-huahua has been described as identifying more with its feline side. It’s independent in the way that most cats are, taking care of its own cleaning and bathroom needs. However, it’s important to remember that Tabby cats in general share more qualities with dogs than most other cats – they’re friendly, playful and love to explore. Because the Cat-huahua gets these qualities from both ends of the spectrum, it is especially social and always eager to join in on the fun.

 As Pets Plus Us expands their very own Dat family, we will be releasing more information on these special animals. Watch out for more articles (and videos!) to come!

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