Understanding Coverage

Coverage you will use

Pet insurance is coverage designed to provide pet owners like you with financial protection against expensive medical costs.  By helping you deal with the cost of care, pet insurance can put you in a better position to make decisions about your pet’s medical needs without putting cost first.

The earlier the better

Like all insurance plans, Pets Plus Us policies are meant to help with new and unexpected problems. And, just like us, the older our pets are the more likely it is that they may have developed pre-existing medical conditions that won’t be covered. Starting an insurance plan for your pet early helps you get the best coverage possible.

The cost of coverage

The cost of coverage for all pets is decided the same way. Factors we consider are the species, breed and where you live in Canada. These three factors help us underwrite (calculate the cost and risks) the cost of insurance coverage for your cat or dog.

Once you are enrolled, we also guarantee that we will continue to insure your pet regardless of the amount of claims you make, or the age of your pet, as long are your premiums are up-to-date. We call this the Pets Plus Us 4Life Guarantee.

Pet insurance coverage options are not created equal. There are various levels of coverage between plans. and some companies offer additional benefits. Pets Plus Us' Accident & Illness plans, for example, include many therapies you might not have considered such as alternative or behavioural therapies.

Knowing what to expect

Pets Plus Us believes in being clear and upfront in communicating to pet owners about what their pet insurance includes and what is not included in their coverage. We underwrite your policy up-front, at time of application, instead of at time of claim. That means you will know from the start any exclusions that may apply to your pet and it removes uncertainty when making decisions about your medical treatment for your pet. We post our policies online in advance for you to read and compare. We also write them in plain language, include examples, and print them in normal-sized type in the form of a handy User Guide – so you know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect.

Your share

With many types of insurance, you share part of the risk of the coverage your purchase. In insurance speak this is known as ‘co-insurance’, but as Pets Plus Us we call it ‘your share’.  It’s the percentage of amount each pet owner pays towards the cost of their insurance claim. You will also have a ‘deductible’ amount that you must pay annually, but this only applies if you need to make a claim. Finally, your monthly premiums (or coverage amount) are also part of this share.

Our philosophy is that for pet insurance to work, and for us to be able to continue to offer excellent coverage, the pet owner must share some part of the financial risk.