Choosing Coverage

What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Coverage


In Canada, pet insurance generally means coverage for dogs and cats.

Your Pet’s Breed

There are common medical conditions (diseases or syndromes) associated with types and breeds of dogs and cats. Some breeds are also prone to developing more conditions than others. If possible, before choosing the breed of pet that’s right for you, it’s good to look into the characteristics of a particular breed and its risk of developing certain diseases or medical problems.

Even if you didn’t know specifics about your pet's breed before you brought them home, there's still time to do some research before purchasing pet insurance. Knowing your pet's breed better can help you determine the level of coverage and benefits you might need to treat your pet in the event of illness or an emergency.

At Pets Plus Us we believe it’s important to research and track the cost of veterinary care in Canada to help promote responsible pet ownership. We encourage you to talk to your vet about what it might cost to treat any medical conditions, which will give you some insight into the financial risks and the support you’ll require. For more information about the cost of care and veterinary treatment, see Cost of Care.