Choosing Coverage

Your Health Philosophy

When you have the good fortune to have a pet in your life, you want to focus on all the joy they bring.  It can be unsettling to think about things going wrong.  Even the best loved and cared-for pets can become sick or injured.  Veterinary medicine offers so many tools to make and keep your pet healthy. From preventative care to alternative medicine to cutting edge surgery--pet owners have never had so many options to support the health and comfort of their furry family members.

Understanding the cost of veterinary care is important.  Sophisticated care is costly, and vet bills never seem to come at a convenient time.  There are expenses that you can predict and budget for, like grooming, vaccines, and flea control. Illness and injury costs are harder to predict, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for them.  Think about your budget and your goals for your pet’s health care.  Can you access the best-of-the-best when it really counts?

Have an honest conversation with your veterinarian about the health issues that your pet might face in their lifetime.  Find out about the cost of care for these conditions.  If the thought of paying out-of-pocket for these expenses makes you uncomfortable, insurance might be the planning tool you’re looking for.

There are many insurance products available to you. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming.  Start by defining your priorities. What’s important to you?  Do you want tools to plan for wellness care?  Are nutrition and alternative medicine a part of your own healthy lifestyle?  Do you have a rare breed, or an accident-prone pet? Are you committed to providing the best comfort in your pet’s senior years?

Choose an insurance plan that meets your financial needs AND your health philosophy