How To Choose The Best Pet Insurance Plan For You

Choosing coverage

The type of pet you have, its breed, and your financial situation are all things to consider when you’re choosing what type of health insurance coverage would be best for your pet. Pets Plus Us offers several types of pet insurance coverage to cover everything from regular veterinarian visits to accident and iIllness. Things you should consider when you’re choosing the right pet insurance coverage plan:

  • Your pet's species - Both cats and dogs need regular veterinarian care and can experience medical issues or accidents. Consider that some species live longer than others requiring a different level of commitment.

  • Your pet’s breed - There may be medical conditions associated with your pet's breed. Knowing this can help you prepare for future medical needs.

  • Your financial resources - Your ability to proactively save and be diligent about keeping up aside funds for care related to illnesses and unexpected medical situations should be considered.

  • Your ability to pay for routine vet care - Consider the financial requirements to pay for the routine care your pet will need. As well, consider any previous medical issues your pet might have that may require ongoing care. according to your pet’s age and species. You can learn more about the cost of care for cats and dogs here.

If you need... Consider What it covers Complete coverage details here…

To set aside funds for the regular costs of veterinarian care

Wellness Care. Pets Plus Us is the first insurance company in Canada to offer this as a stand-alone plan.

Regular vet visits that can include everything from vaccinations to dental. You choose the options annual spending limit that best aligns with your pet's preventive care needs. Spending limit options range from $250 to $1250 and are selected in increments of $50. Your monthly payment is then determined by dividing this amount by 12. There is no co-pay or deductible; however, a $25 annual admin fee is applied to your first month's payment.

Wellness Care

Accident protection

Pets Plus Us’ Accident plan covers emergency veterinary care and treatment for any condition arising from an accident.

$5000 per year in emergency veterinary care and treatment

$1000 (per incident) in additional benefits

Annual deductible of $100

48-hour waiting period


Accident & Illness

Choose from 2 levels of complete accident and illness coverage – $7,500 (More) or $15,000 (Max) per year.

Coverage for illness, injuries and accidents, hospitalization, surgery and more

$1000 (per incident) in additional benefits

Annual age-based deductibles

You choose the co-pay: 10%, 20% or 30%

48-hour waiting period for accidents; 14-day waiting period for illnesses

Accident & Illness

And remember: you can add Wellness Care coverage to any one of our Accident or Accident & Illness coverage.

Your veterinarian is an expert on the kind of care your dog or cat will need. The next time you’re in with your furry friend, talk to your vet or clinic staff about the cost of care of owning a dog or cat, and how pet health insurance fits in.