two potcake dogs
Family dinner sometimes gets heated! Benny and Cooper are normally the best of buds, but not everyone likes to share food.
Tabby cat and malamute puppy sleep under a blanket
Discover how to keep your cat or dog comfortable throughout the year with our season-by-season guide, packed with tips for a full year of fun.
french bulldog outside
Lola wasn’t part of just any family—she was part of the perfect family to watch over her health. You see, she lived with a canine sister who had a history of herniated discs and spinal cord injury.
A woman’s hand strokes a happy kitten’s chin
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Dog and cat best friends sitting together outdoors in autumn forest
Fall is one of the prettiest seasons in Canada, I think we can all agree on that! It’s also a time when there are new seasonal dangers we should be aware of.
brown medium haired cat on floor
Molly normally woke her humans up early every morning, demanding breakfast. When she didn’t appear as she normally did, her mom wondered if something might be wrong.