Small dog laying in a suitcase
Embark on work journeys with your pet in tow, mastering the art of travel in Canada without needing a sitter. Learn tips and resources for a smooth experience.
Woman exercising with dog
Discover practical tips for integrating your pet's activity needs into your bustling life, ensuring they stay happy and healthy.
Beautiful senior long haired grey cat
Explore tips to enhance your cat's longevity. Discover how diet, lifestyle adjustments, and the importance of routine vet checkups for a healthier, longer life for your cat.
Cat sniffs plant growing on a windowsill, indoors.

Cats are curious by nature and happiest when exploring new environments at their leisure.

Four dogs sitting on a rock in the woods
Discover expert tips to extend your dog's lifespan. Learn about nutrition, exercise, vet checkups, and more to ensure a healthy, happy life for your pet in Canada.
Yellow Lab laying beside a food bowl
In Daisy’s young age, her family noticed that she had a tendency to regurgitate her food. As she grew older, she had frequent bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, and appetite loss.