Workouts to Get Those Tails Wagging!

How’s that New Year’s resolution to get in shape coming along? No need to feel guilty if you’ve been slacking. It’s not too late to get back on track thanks to a little help from your pet. What better way to stay focused on your fitness goals than by having your pet be your accountability partner?

By turning your workouts into fun activities that you can both participate in, you’ll be more motivated to keep your resolution. Plus, the daily exercise will help both of you look and feel like you’re on top of the world.

Here are the top 5 exercises that you and your pet can do to stay in shape together.

1. Hit the Pavement
Dogs take their job as your personal trainer really seriously. Once you commit to a walking or running routine, they’ll make sure you stick to it. They may even bring you your sneakers as a hint to get moving. Let’s be honest, those puppy dog eyes are hard to say no to! Whether it’s a light jog or casual walk, be mindful of the temperature outside and don’t force your dog to continue if they look like they’ve over-exerted themselves.

You can even swap out your running shoes for rollerblades (if you have the experience and skill to rollerblade safely). Look for areas away from traffic and give your dog a run they won’t forget!

2. Water Sports
Grab your life vests and head for the water! Swimming is a great option for senior dogs and other breeds with weak joints. Toss some toys out into the water and let your dog paddle out to retrieve them. For added exercise, try challenging your dog to a race to see who can get the toy first.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try paddle boarding or even kayaking. There’s quite a bit of training involved with these activities. Be patient while your dog learns to balance on the board or kayak. Once you both get the hang of it, your abs and arms will get a workout while your pup enjoys a day on the lake.

3. On Wheels
You may be beat after a long run, but your dog is just getting started. Sound familiar? If that’s the case, try cycling. You can even buy special leash attachments that allow your dog to run alongside you as you pedal. It’s a great physical challenge for the high-energy dog that never seems to tire. Meanwhile, you’re burning calories and building up your leg muscles.

4. Flashlight Frenzy
Think dogs are the only ones who need exercise? Think again! Cats make great workout buddies too.

You already know that cats love to chase beams of light. Try working out with flashlights. Hold a flashlight in each hand as you practice sit-ups. When you lift yourself up and feel your abs tighten, use the flashlight on the wall opposite you. Your cat won’t be able to resist the urge to catch the light as it bounces off the floor and wall.

5. Weight Training
Time for some bicep training. Attach a cat toy to your dumbbells using string. Now, your weights will work like your cat’s favourite fishing pole toy. You may want to use a long piece of string so that your cat won’t have to risk a dangerous jump. Your feline will love the challenge of trying to catch the toy each time you lift the dumbbells. They’ll be too busy having fun to realize that they’re exercising too! You can read more about these cat exercises here.

Ready to get moving? Awesome! We hope these tips help you (and your pet) reach your fitness goals and stay active all year long.