Gifts for Dog and Cat Lovers

It’s that time of year again! It’s coming up quickly, but many of us are still hard at work figuring out what to get for the important people in our lives. Show how much you care by choosing a gift that recognizes the special bond between pets and their parents. We’ve done some legwork for you and found a selection of gifts for dog and cat lovers that will leave them and their pets happy throughout the year.


Group of dog walkers working together outside with dogs

Dog walking service 

Do you know someone whose dog will eat the Christmas tree if they don’t get at least one good walk every day, even during the coldest months of the year? Professional dog walkers have all the gear they need to stay warm and it’s their passion to ensure pets get the exercise they need. You’ll be a hero when your loved one sees the gift certificate you got them.

Cleaning service

If you know someone with multiple cats or dogs, staying on top of home maintenance can be daunting. Treat them to a deep-clean from a professional cleaning service.

Yard service

Fresh snow can hide a multitude of sins, but when it melts, someone will have to deal with the mess the dog has been making all winter. Give your pet-loving friends a gift certificate for a spring clean-up.

Photo session

These days there are many photographers who specialize in animal portraits. Why not book a session for a friend or family member? They’ll love showing off the professionally-shot photos almost as much as you’ll love seeing them smile.


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Christmas tree ornament

Kits are now available to help you make your own paw-print ornaments. You just press the cat or dog’s paw into the non-toxic synthetic clay and there you go! This makes a great keepsake and is a fun activity for kids too!  

Nose-print charms

Did you know that the print of a dog’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint? When you have a piece of jewelry made in the shape of that special pup’s snout, there will never be another one like it.  There are now several online dealers who will create them for you out of a cast you take yourself.

Custom art

Using only a photo, artists can create prints, pillows, mugs and a host of other fun collectables with the image of your choice. Take a snapshot of a beloved pet or use one you already have – either way, it’s a gift that’s sure to delight. A selection of vendors are available through websites like Etsy.

Food and Drink

Grey cat sniffing frozen treat in pet parent's hand

Water fountain

A bottle of wine is nice as a hostess gift, but it does nothing for the family pet. If you’re bringing a gift and you don’t mind splurging, consider a pet water fountain. The water keeps moving, so it never gets stale. Plus, many pets enjoy drinking from a running water source. Cheers!

Cat grass

Whether you grow it yourself or give it as a do-it-yourself kit, a decorative container with cat grass will be a welcome holiday treat for your friend’s felines. Plus, it will give them something besides the houseplants to chew on during the cold winter months.

Homemade treats

These days it isn’t hard to find quality baked goods for pets, but if you’re already in the holiday mood and you’re up for something new, consider making your own. That way you can take into account any special requirements a pet might have such as food allergies or sensitivities. No time to bake? Put together a gift basket that includes a recipe book of pet-friendly treats, fun cookie cutters and a selection of quality ingredients. Looking for inspiration? Check out our recipes here.

The gift of hope

Unable to find the perfect gift? Make a donation to an animal welfare cause in your friend’s name. There is always a need and gifts of any size are always welcome. Not only will you be helping less fortunate pets, but your thoughtful present will show how much you care about this important part of your friend’s life.