DIY Thanksgiving Treats for Your Pets

For many of us, Thanksgiving is a code word for “giant feast”. A chance to give thanks for the harvest and to enjoy a home cooked meal. This Thanksgiving, include your pets in the feasting with these simple DIY Thanksgiving treats that are both delicious and nutritious.
Dog-friendly Thanksgiving treats
Pumpkin puree - Pumpkin is a dog-friendly food that is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s also pleasing to a pup’s palette! Blending pumpkin into a puree is simple and provides a versatile way of sharing pumpkin with your pooch. You can mix it in with their regular food for a flavor boost. Or, blend the pumpkin puree with some plain non-fat yogurt for a pumpkin smoothie your dog will love.
Frozen thanksgiving pops – using an ice cube tray, fill each spot with turkey broth and a variety of diced leftover veggies, such as sweet potato and peas. Place in the freezer until frozen. Pop one out for a tasty frozen treat for your pup!
Cat-friendly Thanksgiving treats
Thanksgiving “stew” – pumpkin, sweet potato and apple are loaded with nutrients and all are safe to feed to your cat, just be sure to chop the apple and sweet potato into bite-sized pieces to avoid choking. Blend pumpkin into a puree, and add your bite-sized apple and sweet potato pieces for a Thanksgiving “stew” your cat will lap up!
Spinach and cranberry melt – before you add the sugar to the cranberries and the butter to the spinach, put some aside for your cat. Plain cranberries are safe for cats, though they usually won’t eat them raw. Also, cranberry sauce is loaded with sugar, which is not good for your cat. Instead, cook the plain cranberries and mash them slightly. Add your cat’s favorite veggie (plain steamed or boiled spinach or pumpkin puree are healthy and safe additions!).
Create your own Thanksgiving treat! Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, unseasoned white turkey meat, green beans, and cooked broccoli are all safe, pet-friendly options for dogs and cats. Avoid adding sugars and fats to keep it waist-friendly as well. Happy feasting!
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