Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Smiling mature women sitting on couch in living room and wear christmas mask with her dog, christmas tree in background.

Don’t forget about the dogs and dog lovers in your life this holiday season. These gifts are guaranteed to make tails wag and pet parents smile, maybe even tear up a little bit!

The best gifts for dogs:

Pet ramp: if yours or someone else's dog is allowed on the furniture, a pet ramp will help them get up and down easily and avoid injuries.

Coat: some dogs may be hesitant to step outside when it’s cold. Getting a coat will help them stay warm, active and playful during the winter.

Bully Sticks: pet parents swear by this chew treat. It keeps dogs stimulated and away from shoes and it cleans their teeth! 

Squeaky toys: whether it imitates their natural hunting instinct, or the sound is just entertaining, dogs love squeaky toys. At the rate they destroy them, Christmas might be the perfect time to replenish their collection or have one on standby.

Slow feeder: these bowls teach dogs to slow down when they eat and keep them mentally stimulated.

Beds: pet parents everywhere rave about calming beds and orthopedic beds. If your furry friend doesn't have one of these, it will make a great Christmas gift!

KONG Chew toys: dogs go crazy for this toy! It’s an excellent way to keep your pets challenged and satisfied as they try to get their favourite treat out of the KONG.

Pet insurance: the most important purchase, pet insurance keeps dogs healthy and happy without having to worry about vet bills!

The best gifts for dog lovers:

A dog DNA testing kit: pet parents can discover their dog’s breed mix, history and if they have any hereditary conditions.

Custom portraits: pet portraits are more popular than ever! Etsy is a great place to look and many sellers offer digital prints, so your friend can send a picture to the entire family for their wallets or mantel place.

A nose print charm: did you know every nose print is unique? When you have a piece of jewelry made in the shape of that special pup’s snout, there will never be another one like it. There are now several online dealers who will create them for you out of a cast you make yourself.

Dog walking service: Of course, we all love walking our dogs, but sometimes life gets in the way. Help your friend who has an erratic schedule and a never ending to-do lists with a dog walking service.

Doggy daycare: give the gift of a day off from pet parenting with a gift card to a doggy daycare.

Pet camera: does the pet parent in your life have separation anxiety from their dog as soon as they leave the house? Or maybe, they travel a lot! Get them a pet camera to help them stay connected with their dog.

Donation: make a donation to an animal welfare organization or a local shelter in your friend’s name. It’s a gift that gives twice! Not only will you make your friend smile, but you’ll help multiple pets in need.

Happy shopping!