Buckle Up, Fido: Tips for Safe Travel

Dog standing in the back seat of car

Happy New Year, pet parents! January 2nd is more than just the second day of the year; it's National Pet Travel Safety Day—dedicated to making sure our furry friends are safe on the go. Whether you're planning a road trip, hopping on a plane, or just heading to the local park, let's talk about how to keep your pets safe during their adventures out.

Securing Your Pet

Just like us, pets need to be safely secured during car rides. Invest in a sturdy pet carrier, harness, or seatbelt attachment to prevent any unwanted slips and slides. It's all about keeping them snug and secure.

Choose a pet seat belt or harness that's compatible with your car's design to ensure they're snug and secure while you drive. Remember, quality matters when it comes to your pet's safety gear, so choose products from trusted brands with solid reviews and consult your vet.

Prefer a travel crate? Make sure it's firmly fastened, either with cargo hooks or a seat belt, to keep your pet stable and safe. Safety first, because your pet's well-being is priceless.

Creating a Comfortable Car Environment

It's important to always keep your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. Leaving pets unattended in a car – particularly during extreme weather – can be dangerous due to the rapid fluctuations in temperature.

Several modern vehicles, including models like Tesla, feature innovative technologies such as Dog Mode, which ensures a safe and controlled climate for pets left briefly in the car. However, most vehicles do not offer such pet-focused features.

In situations where your vehicle lacks these advanced capabilities, it's best to err on the side of caution. Consider bringing your pet inside with you or having someone stay with them when you need to make short stops, like grabbing a coffee or visiting a gas station. This approach guarantees your pet's safety and well-being in various conditions.

Frequent Pit Stops

Before setting off, make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise. A good walk or play session can help them relax and be more comfortable during the journey. It's also important to be mindful of their feeding schedule. Feeding your pet according to specific guidelines can help prevent motion sickness, which is common in pets during car rides.

Plan for breaks along your route during long road trips. Dogs will need to stretch their legs, take bathroom breaks, and enjoy some fresh air. Remember, a happy pet is a comfortable pet.

Hydration Station

Staying hydrated is essential, especially during travel. Be sure to pack a spill-proof water bowl so your pet has access to fresh water throughout the drive.

Comforts of Home

If your pet gets anxious in the car, here are some tips to help them feel calmer and safer. Familiarizing your pet with car travel gradually can significantly lessen their anxiety. Start with short, gentle rides around the neighborhood, then gradually increase the duration and distance of your trips. This process helps your pet associate car rides with positive experiences, making longer journeys more manageable.

Pack their favorite toys, blankets, or even a piece of your clothing to provide them with a sense of security amidst the unfamiliar surroundings to help ease their anxiety.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s level of anxiety, it’s always best to talk to their vet to discuss options.

Microchip Maintenance

Of course, physical safety measures are crucial, but never underestimate the power of technology. Before any big trips, make sure your pet's microchip information is up to date with your current contact details.

Also, be sure your dog’s ID tag is updated with your current phone number and any critical health information. This way, if your pet does make a break for it, all your information is available to someone who finds them.

Pet Insurance: A Safety Net for Your Furry Friend

Now, let's talk about an extra layer of protection for your pet—pet insurance. Just like us, pets can face unexpected bumps along the road, from minor accidents to sudden illnesses. Pet insurance can be your safety net, offering financial reimbursement for eligible vet bills and medical expenses. With coverage through Pets Plus Us pet insurance plans, you can travel worry free knowing your pet is protected and can see any vet in Canada—and the US.

Traveling Toward a Safer Tomorrow

As we celebrate National Pet Travel Safety Day, let's make a commitment to prioritize the safety and well-being of our beloved pets. From securing them during car rides to investing in pet insurance for added protection, every journey is a happy and healthy one for our furry companions. Here's to more adventures, wagging tails, and the unconditional love of our pets! Safe travels!

Written by Aimee Ellis