The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Pet

Do you need help Holiday shopping for a furry friend in your life? Look no further, we compiled a list of all the best pet products with the help of our community. Coming from Pets Plus Us pet parents, this list has been tested and approved by the furry four-legged experts themselves. If you get your pet something from this list, you are sure to see them smiling and wagging their tails.
The Best Gifts for Cats:  
  1. Scratching Post: cats have a natural urge to scratch. Providing your cat with a designated scratching post will help keep those claws off your furniture!
  2. Cat Trees or Towers: this gift promotes exercise for your pet and allows your cat to be themselves. The different heights and perches let your cat climb, jump, hide, scratch, and nap. 
  3. Laser Pointer: beneficial for both you and your cat, laser pointers are perfect for when your cat needs to be stimulated, but you don’t feel like getting up. Not only is it entertaining for your cat, but for you too!
  4. Catnip: you can never go wrong with it! Catnip has many benefits like reducing anxiety, helping cats relax and making them feel happy.
The Best Gifts for Dogs:
  1. Harness: a harness will change your walks! If your dog tends to pull, it will give you more control.
  2. Pet ramp: If your dog is allowed on the furniture, a pet ramp will help them get up and down easily and avoid injuries.
  3. Coat: some dogs may be hesitant to step outside when it’s cold. Getting a coat for your dog will help them stay warm, active, and playful during the winter.
  4. Bully Sticks: Pet parents swear by this chew treat. It keeps your pet stimulated and away from your shoes, it cleans their teeth and keeps them occupied for a while.
  5. Squeaky Toys: whether it imitates their natural hunting instinct, or the sound is just entertaining, dogs love squeaky toys. At the rate they destroy them, Christmas might be the perfect time to replenish their collection or have one on standby.
The Best Gifts for Cats and Dogs:
  1. Slow feeder: These bowls will teach your pet to slow down when they eat and keep them mentally stimulated.
  2. Beds: Pet parents raved about calming beds and orthopedic beds. If you don’t have one of these, consider getting one for the furry friend in your life.
  3. KONG Chew Toys:  cats and dogs go crazy for this toy! It’s an excellent way to keep your pets challenged and satisfied as they try to get their favourite treat out of the KONG.
  4. Pet Insurance: The most important purchase, pet insurance helps keep your pet healthy and happy without having to worry about vet bills!
Thank you to all the pet parents who shared their recommendations, and we hope your pets love their Christmas gifts. Have any more to add to the list? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
We wish you a happy and healthy holiday!