8 Valentine's Day Date Ideas For You And Your Pet

Does your Valentine’s date have 4 legs instead of 2? Here are some heartwarming ways to spend the day with your furry friend.
1. Go for a long walk on the beach — or the trail
While everyone else is stuck in stuffy restaurants, you two can get outside! Discover a new path or part of town with your little loved one by your side. 
2. Put the tail in cocktail
Head to a pet-friendly brewery, or pour a glass of red at home yourself. You can try a cat-friendly wine or their favourite treat.
3. Make it a meow-vie night
Pick a flick and settle in for a relaxing cuddle session
4. Try your paw at massage
There are many benefits to canine and feline massage, including relaxation, improved flexibility and muscle tension relief. The only downside is that they won’t be able to return the favour. 
5. Hug it out
Spend some time teaching your pup this super cute trick. Keep in mind, not all dogs are comfortable being handled this way, so pay attention to body language and make sure you’re both feeling the love.
6. Candlelit dinner
Bust out the fine, stainless steel bowls, and light a nice candle made from 100% soy or beeswax, which are pet safe when burning. You can even grab an extra special treat and add it to your pet’s meal.
7. Pack up a doggy bag and get outta town
Book a pet-friendly AirBNB, and check out a new city or hiking area.
8. Treat yourself to peace of mind
You could also give your dog  the gift of pet health insurance or a pet wellness plan from Pets Plus Us! 
Whatever you do, stay away from the typical Valentine’s Day treats like flowers, candy and chocolate, some of which can be toxic for pets. (Although, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself!)