There’s a lot of wildlife around here.

Pets Plus Us understands that amazing things can happen in the right environment. We believe in what we do, so we created an incredible space to nurture our passion, support our initiative and allow our community to thrive.

The Pets Plus Us culture is all about happy pet owners, pets, service and collaboration – and there are lots of places here for all of these to flourish.

We’re so excited to have a home that supports our unique team view of pet insurance reimagined. Visit us here, and watch us as we grow and evolve in our new habitat. 

To experience our office from a dog's eye view, watch our Tour the Pets Plus Us Sanctuary video.  

There are places to rest our feet

Places to get together to celebrate

Places to give back to the pet health community

Places to get cleaned up

Places where we can deliver outrageous service 

Places where we can nourish our bodies and our minds 

Places to stretch and grow

Places where we can innovate

Places where we can connect with others

Places to entertain visitors

Places to take a time out

And places where we can just let our imaginations run wild…