Dog on the dock at the cottage


Did you spend the winter dreaming of trips to the cottage or camping with your family, friends and pet? If you've been wondering how you'll get your frisky pup to sleep in a tent, Pets Plus Us, a pet owner community and insurance provider, has a few tips on how to keep everyone happy on vacation.

“Make sure you know where the nearest vet is, and ensure that your pet's vaccinations are up to date,” says Randy Valpy, Top Dog at Pets Plus Us.

While rabies is uncommon, it can still be a serious threat from wild animals, so keep an eye on your dog as he pokes around. You'll also want to put a proper collar on your pet, and have flea and tick medication on hand. Check your pet's fur daily for parasites. Also, remember to keep a close eye on your pet: run-ins with wildlife can be dangerous.

If you're taking your pet swimming, take their collar or leash off before they get in the water, to ensure it doesn't get caught on branches or brush in the water. If you're going boating, a pet life jacket is a great idea. And if you're planning to do a little fishing, be careful when casting, as you don't want to accidentally catch a hook on your pet.

Dogs can be inquisitive, so take extra care around a campfire. Keep your pet well back from the fire and watch for sparks. Never leave your pet unattended near a fire. An curious sniff of a hot rock or ember can have painful consequences!

Finally, you'll want to make sure you know how a dog will respond sleeping outside. Pop up a tent in the backyard and have some practice sleepovers before you leave.

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