Dog licking frozen treat

This recipe is a great way to include your dog in those summer treats and help them cool down at the same time.

Dog jumping through hoop
Pet Parents

Read our ideas on how to treat your pet to some pampering and extra attention.

Man in volunteer shirt holding a pug
Pet Parents

There are many ways you can help your local animal shelter and you can even do it without spending money. Your support, no matter how big or small can make a huge difference in an animal’s life. To get started, read our list of eight ways you can help shelters.

Woman hugging Labrador
Pet Parents

At Pets Plus Us we are going back through time to explore the bond between humans and their pets. Let’s see why we love them so much!

Kitten sitting with woman using computer
Pet Parents

You may have adjusted to the work from home life, but after a full year- which no one expected, we’re betting you’re starting to feel restless. To help you through working from home, we at PetPlusUS consulted an expert that has thrived in isolation for centuries- the cat.

Cat peeking out from under blanket

New seasons and routines can cause stress and anxiety to your cat. The changing weather, returning to school and work and more or less outdoor time can all put cats on edge. Lets learn to see the signs, make some changes and help our feline friends to relax.