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Dogs and cats get sick and injured just like we do. Pets Plus Us pet insurance is designed to provide pet owners like you with the financial security to provide the best veterinary care available for your pet.

By helping you prepare for the cost of veterinary care for your pet, you are in a better position to make decisions about your pet’s medical needs without putting cost first.

Coverage that fits your pet and budget!

Pets Plus Us makes choosing a pet insurance plan easy - just select between our Accident or Accident & Illness plans and your desired annual limit.

Not sure which one to choose?

Accident Plan

Our Accident plan offers $5,000 annually in coverage for unexpected injuries - a broken bone, a cut, or if they’ve been hit by a car. Accident coverage can help you to focus on care for your pet, rather than worrying about treatment costs.

Accident & Illness Plan

Treating an illness - even just the diagnosis - can be costly. Accident & Illness coverage means you’re as prepared as you can be. Accident & Illness coverage of $7,500 or $15,000 annually means you can concentrate on helping your pet get the best treatment available without worrying about finances.

Preventive Care

Available only in Quebec, you can think of our unique Preventative Care Options program as a "preventive subscription" to your veterinarian's office, including all your pet's routine and seasonal care.

Sign up and start enjoying the benefits of our Preventive Care Options program. Simply pay your monthly payment and make an appointment with your veterinarian. Then send us your reimbursement request, together with the appropriate invoices.

We reimburse 100% of costs, for all eligible veterinary services and treatments, with no deductible!

Please note that the availability of preventive care programs varies from province to province. The "Flex Care" program is not offered in Quebec, and related documentation is only published in English.

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