Top Ten Cat Profiles to Follow on Twitter

  1. Toby: Hi! I’m Toby, a former LOLcat star posting up-to-the-moment pics and videos from a four cat household. My eyes match my orange fur, I'm from Toronto, and I love to sleep and eat and sleep. Follow me.
  2. Orca: I am the boss cat to my humans on the west coast - and of course, tall, dark and handsome. I love Simon’s cat, and I’m very interested in cat news from all over the world. Follow me.
  3. N2: I'm a talking cat who makes Viral Videos with millions of views, you can check me out on  - get to know me and my lifestyle while we work together to help shelters in Canada. Follow me.
  4. Pookey: Greetings! I’m a 12 year old Ragdoll kitty...adopted by a crazy lady and in need of an outlet to communicate with the outside world! Meow. Follow me.
  5. Fiddy: I live with @toby_cat. I’m not so much a LOLcat as an OMGurBIGcat, but you’ll get the gist of it. Which one of us is most like you? Follow me.
  6. Lemon: Bonjour! I am an orange tabby from Montreal with special needs due to cerebellar hypoplasia. I don't do stairs or litter boxes, but I love to cuddle. Follow me.
  7. ChiI am a cat that likes bowling, squirrels and stealing hearts. I am not fat, it is just my fur that makes me look like that – and my vet lies about my weight! I swear! Follow me.
  8. Kleo: I'm Kleo a male Pawfleet Ensign Multilingual Zen Master. Time Traveler and Cat-ivist. I can teach you about philosophy, music, love, time and science! Follow me.
  9. Molly JonesI Am Molly Jones, a 15 Pound Tuxedo Cat who craves three things in life: food, sleep and love. Is that a lot to ask for? Follow me.
  10. Grumpy CatThat’s right, I have my own Twitter account. Hooray. I’m not really sure why my humans feel the need to share my face with the world, but it seems to make people smile. Follow me.