Celebrate St. Patty's Day With Irish Dogs and Cats


Did you know that the Emerald Isle is home to a number of native cat and dog breeds? In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s take a minute to learn more about 10 of these furry friends.

1. The Irish Wolfhound

Though it’s name is quite intimidating, this large dog is known for its friendly nature. One of the oldest breeds found in Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound was often used to help the troops in battles, but today they’ve mellowed into great family pets.

2. The Irish Setter

A beautiful, friendly and high intensity breed, you’ll remember this dog for its stunning mahogany coat.

3. The Kerry Blue Terrier

Coming from the county Kerry, this dog’s coat sports a shade of blue and a fantastic texture that begs to be pet.

4. The Irish Water Spaniel

Want a dog that won’t get out of the water? Look no further than this canine that resembles a mix between a Portuguese Water Dog and an Irish step-dancer’s ringlet hair.

5. Irish Terriers

These are agile little dogs, but careful – they require lots of physical activity and a good trainer to keep them happy. We think their red coat fits their feisty personalities.

6. The Wheaten Terrier

This fluffy dog starts out as a white, brown, mahogany or red pup before growing into its oatmeal colouring. They are great for those who value a lively and playful personality. Bonus: They don’t shed!

7. The Glen of Imaal Terrier

Another terrier on the list, these little dogs have big personalities. Look for pictures online of their famous “Glen sit”, where they perch themselves on their backsides much like a human.

8. The Irish Lurcher

Great hunters, Lurchers are actually a type of dog as opposed to an official breed. Usually Lurchers are a mix of a greyhound bred with dogs that have excellent hunting traits, such as a border collie.

9. The Kerry Beagle

One of the oldest types of hounds, there is actually no beagle in this little dog. A great pet for families who like activity – this little dog needs at least three walks a day.

10. The Manx Cat

The only cat on the list, the Manx gets its name from the Isle of Man where it originated. The Manx are the result of a genetic mutation, which caused a shortening of, or no tail.  Fun fact: The locals often call them “stubbin”.