Best Videos 2013



We’ve combed the web for some of this year’s best pet videos and made a list of our favourites, so get comfy with your best furry friend and get ready for some fun! We hope you’ll find a few new gems in here to watch and share!

Category 1: Funny Pet Videos

Dog Wants a Kitty – This dog really, really wants a new best friend. 

Cats vs Dogs – Can cats and dogs really be friends?

The Forbes Interview with the real Grumpy Cat – Grumpy Cat gives an interview, but doesn’t like it.

Wet Dog Video – Dog shares his opinion on this necessary evil.

Talking Cat Consultants – Cats offer “valuable” advice on talking with pets.

Mouse Rover – Exploring the boundaries of the known universe… in a hamster ball.

Category 2: Humans and Pets

If We Were Dogs – The world from the canine perspective. 

Yoga with Cats – This man loves yoga… and his cat. Why shouldn’t he enjoy both at the same time?

Cat Walks Human On A Leash – People need daily exercise. This cat is just helping out.

Category 3: Extreme Cuteness

Bath Time for Baby Pugs – Mama dog makes sure her babies are all clean. Aww!

Cat Loves Baby – Sometimes kitty is a child’s best friend.

Snow Time! – Dogs and cats playing in the snow.

World’s Most Patient German Shepherd – The title says it all.

Category 4: Heartwarming Videos

Rescuing Bethany – A sick, homeless dog's inspiring transformation.

Welcome Home! – Dog welcomes soldier home from deployment.

A Street Cat Named Bob – a street musician adopts a stray and they change each other’s lives.

Category 5: Weird and Wonderful

Shark Cat – Cat dressed in a shark suit rides a rhoomba.

Barking Kitten – This kitten barks like a dog.

Bathing Kitty – This kitten won’t leave its nice, warm bath.

Jedi Kittens – The title says it all!

Dog Fetches Cat – Dog makes sure cat comes when it’s called.

Corn-Eating Cat – Yum, yum, yum!

Dogs Play Dead – Bang!