News & Views in Cat Care

Cat and dog in leaves

Outdoor cats love to frolic in neighbourhood gardens, often much to the dismay of the homeowner. Here are several environmentally and animal-friendly solutions that will help to deter even the most determined cat.

second hand smoke can harm your pet

Your pets don’t smoke, but they breathe the same air you do. So, if you smoke, your cat or dog is inhaling the same toxins from your cigarettes or cigars that you are.

How to trim your pet's nails

For most cats or dogs, having someone work on their nails is something to be tolerated, not celebrated. Even still, it’s an important part of your pet’s regular care.

dogs in winter

Winter can be a fun time for you and your pets. After all, who doesn’t love building snowmen and having snow ball fights? It’s important to keep in mind that although winter is fun for many, there are dangers associated with the season as well.

plants poisonous to dogs

Although many believe poinsettias to be very toxic to pets, the risks associated with them are limited. The sap from the stems and leaves of the plant can irritate your pet’s mouth, causing excessive salivation and possibly vomiting.

Gifts for Dog Lovers

We’ve done some legwork for you and found a selection of gifts that will let your loved ones know you understand just how important their four-legged friends really are.

Budgeting for a new kitten

How much does it really cost in the first year of owning a kitten? View our infographic to find out.

Travelling with your pet

Although we like to take our pets with us wherever we go, sometimes that’s not possible. There are a lot of options for you when you have to leave a pet at home.

Cat Beds

Cat beds can be a popular item when seeking comfort if placed in an appealing location. Here are a few tips on where to place a bed to increase the chance of it being used.

Homemade Pet Treats

We all like a tasty treat to cool us down on a hot summer day. Your dog and cat are no different!We've researched different sites like and mixed them up with our own ideas to come with some recipes for popular summer treats.