Friendly Dog Breeds for Families With Kids


Expanding your family to include a dog can be a challenge especially if you're not sure which breeds are the most compatible with children. The list below highlights 10 popular dogs that make good family dogs.

Labrador Retriever 

The Lab has been heading Canada's top dog list for 20 consecutive years' running. The floppy eared pups are all feet and wagging tails. They're known for their smartness, ability to adapt, playing well with other pets, eagerness, protectiveness, and trainability.


These gentle giants are good, all-around friendly family companions. They're devoted, outgoing, have a sweet attitude, and are very patient which makes them a good choice as a canine friend for children.

Golden Retriever

Cousin to the Lab, Golden's love the water. They're highly intelligent, learn commands quickly, are loyal, friendly, devoted, energetic, patient, and have a sweet and gentle temperament making this pup family-friendly. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Only good things can be said about the Bernese Mountain dog. Their sweet temperament, sensitive attitude, high loyalty level, devotion, and gentle with other pets and kids is what put them on the top 10 list. 


Their lively, active, and playful personality make these small bundles of silky-coated energy a real treat. Easily trained with lots of positive interaction, they're perfect indoor pets with a mild-mannered personality.  


Poodles make a nice addition to the family unit. They're elegant, gentle canines with a loving and loyal nature. The fact that they shed minimally makes them a great companion for family members suffering from allergies. 

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdogs look like miniature collies but they are they're own breed. They're compact weighing less than 25 pounds, loyal, gentle with children, high energy, bond well with people, are intelligent, have a delightful personality and are easily trained. This breed is particularly good for active families. 

When choosing your canine pal, it's important to remember that dogs are sensitive creatures and compatibility goes both ways. Providing your dog with proper care, training, and positive attention and interaction from the start results in a positive family experience.