Do you know a pet+owner Champion?

These are the people who loyally treat, volunteer, rescue and care for pets. They go above and beyond in their care and concern for dogs and cats.

Pet+owner Champions can be nominated across the following categories:

  • Veterinary practice
  • Veterinarian or veterinary staff member
  • Community outreach
  • Shelter and rescue
  • Volunteer
  • Pet owner
  • Breeder (NEW this year)

The Champion Awards are part of our commitment to support and work with the pet charities that serve animals in our communities. Each year, Pets Plus Us donates over $10,000 to pet charities through the Champion Awards.  A donation of $1,500 will be made to the pet charity of each winner's choice. By nominating them, you’ll be recognizing a hero, and making an important difference to pet charities, too.

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