How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Woman holding a dog
Every pet parent out there can probably agree they’re not perfect and things don’t always go to plan. However, every parent can also agree they would do anything to make sure their pet is happy and healthy. At the end of the day, we all want to be a good parent for our pet and a responsible owner.
Here’s how you can be just that; you can count on us for the rest! 
  • Understand your pet’s breed and any special characteristics. Most people do research ahead of selecting a cat or dog to determine if the breed will work well in their home and with their lifestyle;
  • Stay informed and take care of your pet's ongoing health and wellness, including diet, exercise and play. Your veterinarian plays a key role in maintaining your pet’s health and can support you in keeping your pet healthy.
  • Ensure your pet has proper identification (such as a microchip or registry tag). The chances of recovering your pet if they go astray are increased tremendously when you can identify them.
When you bring a pet home, you make a commitment to do whatever you can within your means to take care of them. Pet insurance coverage helps you do that by being a financial resource for taking care of your pet’s health.
Caring for your pet can add up to a lot of work, money and energy, but it’s worth it. We explored these challenges with pet owners and veterinarians, and the result was Pets Plus Us™: part community, part pet insurance coverage and part membership. When you put them together, you have what you need to make good decisions for your pet and keep them happy.
Happy pets = happy pet owners!