5 Ways to Show Your Pet You Appreciate Them

Dog jumping through hoop
Our pets do a lot for us! Not only are they our fur children, but they’re also our therapists, best friends, cuddle partners and the list can go on forever. To show our appreciation for pets, we came up with five ways pet parents can spoil them. 
  1. Make a treat – food is often the way to your pet’s heart. Homemade treats can be a delicious and nutritious way to show them some extra love.
  2. Let them pick a toy from the pet store– a trip to the pet store might be a fun activity all on its own. But letting your pet sniff out their next favorite toy will take the experience to a new level!
  3. Check into a pet-friendly hotel – if you’re looking to splurge a little, consider checking into a pet-friendly hotel near home or in a new city (bonus points if it’s near a great pet-friendly walking trail).
  4. Schedule a neighborhood walk with your pet pals– social time is a fun time. Check-in with your other pet-owning pals and get a group together for a walk in the neighborhood or a group trip to the dog park.
  5. Build an obstacle course in the backyard – give your pet a backyard they’ll love with a DIY obstacle course built just for them It may be exactly the treat your pet has been longing for.
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