Mooselake Labradors PERM. REG’D.

Laurie Quenneville

Mooselake Labradors PERM. REG’D.

Why did you become a breeder?

I grew up with Labrador Retrievers, love the breed. My husband and I bought our first Labrador in 1996, Chelsea. We joined the Canadian Kennel Club, did some obedience and at 6 months she received her Novice Obedience title. We decided to show her and attained her Canadian Championship. We were hooked then and we loved the breed.  We met other breeders along the way and some became great mentors. We became very interested in the genetics and health of the breed and wanted to make a positive contribution to this beautiful breed. The most satisfying of all is placing our dogs into the hands of a loving family, knowing their lives will be enriched with the new addition.


Why did you choose to breed Labrador Retrievers?

Growing up with Labradors was the inspiration to stay with the breed as a family pet, obedience dog and showing this incredible, smart breed. My husband did some field work and we really enjoyed the versatility of the breed. They really have it all: trustworthy and loyal, very trainable for obedience, agility, hunting, therapy dogs; just an all-round great family pet. They are easy to live with and require little maintenance.


Why do you believe in pet insurance?

For each puppy that leaves here we apply the free trial pet insurance from Pets Plus Us and encourage our buyers to seriously consider continuing with pet insurance after the trial is over. I am often asked what I think of pet insurance and we do strongly recommend it. When the unexpected happens it can be incredibly costly to provide good health care to our four legged family members. Pet insurance can help with those unexpected costs and provide a stress free sense of responsibility in providing vet care to our pets.
We have been breeding since 1998 and have seen over the years the costs for testing and ensuring the health of our breeding dogs has steadily increased. Owning a dog today is a luxury, feeding good food and supplementing go a long way to a healthy, happy pup. However the basic veterinarian costs have gone up as well, and costs have soared for anything over and above maintenance care. Having pet health insurance makes sense and provides that extra security if anything happens.