Ugly Christmas sweaters for pet owners



Tis the season to be jolly and that includes pet owners and their festive - and sometimes ugly - Christmas attire. Throughout the Christmas season, there's something to be said about the state of mind of canine and feline pet parents as each one searches relentlessly, makes a purchase, then puts on the latest in ugly sweaters in celebration of the holiday and in honour of their beloved pets. To save you some time, we've tracked down some of the best 'ugly' Christmas sweaters for pet owners. 

Ugly Dog Sweaters

Feliz Navidog

Ladies will like being accompanied by Feliz Navidog throughout the Christmas season. The smiling Chihuahua may look cute, but he's ready for the two of you to ring in the holidays with a little extra spirit.

Edible Sweater

You’ll definitely get your dog’s vote for best sweater when it comes with Milkbone doggie treats - but don't forget to leave it at home when visiting the dog park.

The Lowrider

There can't be Christmas without a holiday atmosphere and the Weiner Wonderland sweater makes it happen in a big way.

Snoopy Claus

Step back in time when Joe Cool and the Peanuts gang celebrated Christmas with smooth moves and cool style.

Bah Humpug

Bah Humpug may be frowning because of his holiday attire. Just check out those red boots!

Ugly Cat Sweaters

Light up Your Cat Love

Everyone will see the ladies coming as they light up the night with this colourful Meowy Christmas sweater decorated with flashing LED lights controlled with a remote tucked away in an embedded pocket. 

Laser Cat

Guys and gals will pinpoint the Christmas presents and goodies with total accuracy with the help of feline precision while wearing a Laser Cat - Zillas sweater. 

Santa Claws

Guys, you'll be making a statement by pointing out your love of felines to everyone while wearing this red and green Santa Claws sweater highlighted with ribbons and jingling with bells. 

3D Kitty

The cute but sophisticated kitty on this sweater will stare at you while you stare at it in 3D!  A great gift for anyone you want to see coming a mile away.

Jolly ‘Ole Grumpy Cat

When Grumpy Cat speaks, people listen and there's a definite message being sent on the Ho Ho No Christmas sweater.