Holiday Pet-Together


If you’re looking for a new way to spend time with friends this holiday season, why not host a Pet-Together? It’s the same idea as a baking party, but instead of sugar cookies and gingerbread, you’ll be making beef biscuits and tuna treats for your four-legged friends. It’s a fun way to get in the holiday spirit and your pets will thank you for it!

Here’s the recipe for a great Pet-Together:


  • Four to five friends who love pets as much as you do. (We suggest they leave their pets at home, though. Your house will be busy enough already!)
  • One pet-friendly recipe for each person
  • One kitchen large enough for group baking
  • A free afternoon


  • Enough baking tools so that two or three people can prep at the same time. This includes spatulas, cookie sheets, mixers, knives, cutting boards spoons, measuring cups, bowls and rolling pins.
  • Each baker should bring the necessary ingredients for his or her recipe. Remember, the idea is to make as many batches of the recipe as there are bakers, so that everyone can take home one batch of each kind of treat.
  • Everyone should bring their own storage containers, especially if they are baking allergen-free treats.
  • If you plan to give the treats as presents, have gift-packaging supplies on hand.
  • Make sure to have hot chocolate or snacks on hand to sustain you during the baking process.


  • Gather together at the appointed day and time and get ready for a fun afternoon!
  • Start with any products that are being baked for sensitive stomachs. This will help avoid cross-contamination.
  • Two and maybe even three people may be able to prep their cookies at the same time. Space and supplies will determine your process.
  • Ready, set, BAKE!
  • Remember to wash as you go. You’ve got lots of baking to do, so keep your tools clean and ready for action.

Follow Up

  • How will you know the treats are any good if nobody tests them? Your pets have been waiting long enough, let them try a cookie or two!
  • Divide up the goodies and wrap them securely.
  • Label each package with ingredients, storage instructions and a best-before date.
  • Put your feet up and relax – you’ve done something nice for the pets in your life. You deserve a break!

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