Dog lovers are a breed unto themselves. They love their canines and spend thousands of dollars each year on food, flea products, treats, and a never-ending list of gifts guaranteed to please, pamper and placate their canine companions.

Not to be left out, dog lovers also buy assorted gifts to show off, display, and announce to the world that they are true comrades and dedicated pet parents to a bevy of canine buddies.

Gifts for Dogs

Fitness Monitor

There’s lots of apps and technologies to help monitor your dog’s fitness.  FitBark monitors your dog’s activity and sleep so you can track its health and behaviour on your phone.

Custom Pet Pillows

Make your home comfy cozy with a set of throw pillows featuring your pup's mug.  A great substitute for snuggling up to your pet when travelling on the road!


Neck ties and bow ties

Dog bow ties and neck ties show just how classy your pup can be ringing in the holidays, or any time of year, decked out in a custom-made neckwear accessory created from designer fabrics.

Winter Wear 

Chilly Dogs - Head Muff keeps your canine's head and ears snug as a bug in a rug with stylish head gear.



Add a little bubbly to your canine's meal with a taste of Char-dog-nay.  It’s a non-alcoholic gravy that will turn any dry kibble into a succulent dish.


Doggy Jacket for All Seasons

For dogs that love the great outdoors the 3-in-1 dog jacket helps protect against rain and cold with a water resistant shell and double layered fleece. This is the perfect gift for pups on the go.


Gifts for Dog Lovers

Professional Portrait

Give your dog lover a gift that keeps on giving with a portrait of their canine buddy. Every dog is a ham at heart and they'll love the attention of "sitting" for their custom piece of art work.

Puppy Watch

Keeping time is a way of life and with the Doggie Time Watch, you and your canine companion won't be late for an important date.

Call Your Pet

Want to talk to your pup while at work?  PetChatz is basically video-conferencing for your pet, so you can see each other and they can hear your voice when you can’t be with them.

Personalized Photo Playing Cards

Shuffle the deck and deal the cards featuring a picture of a dog lover's best bud.