What to Think About Before You Get a Puppy



Bringing a new puppy into your home can be one of the most joyful, exciting moments for you and your family. But before you choose a puppy, here are some important points to consider to make the right choice for your lifestyle.

Does your schedule have space?  Puppies require a lot of attention, especially in the first few months. Toilet training, and training in general, requires consistent attention and action. Between you and your family members, you’ll need to make sure there is space in the schedule for training, walks, and supervision in the household.

Be honest about your lifestyle – are you an active outdoorsy type? Or a book-loving couch-dweller? Before choosing a puppy, it is important for you to be honest about your lifestyle. If you are not drawn to parks and hiking trails already, a high-energy pup may not be the right pick! Choosing a dog based on looks or cuteness alone is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Each dog will have a unique personality, and specific exercise requirements. If you are getting a purebred, have a conversation with the breeder about the dog’s needs. If you are getting a shelter pup, speak to the shelter representatives about what they’ve observed in the dog in terms of personality and energy.

Map out the financial commitment – draw up a budget and be sure you are comfortable with the financial commitment before you bring your puppy home. Vet visits, food, toys, and emergency funds for accidents, should all be considered in your budget. Pet insurance can help to manage unexpected and regular vet costs, but you’ll also need to consider the cost of ongoing maintenance and care for your dog.

Integration of pets and children – if you have children or other pets at home, they are critical to consider when choosing a puppy. Some breeds and dogs are better with young children than others. If you have other pets in the home, learn about how to introduce your new pet to your other pets. Having an honest conversation with the breeder or rescue agency is the best way to see if a puppy is the right fit for your household.

Keeping these points in mind can help you choose the right puppy for your family and lifestyle and ensure a smooth transition. We’d love to see pictures of your new furry family member – share them and tag us on Instagram! @petsplusus