Top Articles Read By Pet Owners In 2016


As pet owners, we want the very best for our pets. We want to ensure they’re getting enough exercise, are groomed regularly, are fed a healthy diet, and are kept away from potentially dangerous substances and situations. This being said, knowing what is safe and best for our pets can be tough. We often turn to friends, family, our veterinarian, and the internet for advice on caring for our beloved pet. is one spot many owners come to for reliable information and tips on raising a happy & healthy pet. The following are the top 10 articles read by our readers in 2016:

  1. The Meaning Behind Colour-Coded Dog Leashes and Collars

  2. Budgeting for Puppy’s First Year Infographic

  3. Kenneling and Crating Tips for Your Dog        

  4. Why Your Dog Eats Dirt and Other Weird Things

  5. 5 Canadian Pet Blogs to Follow          

  6. Skin, Coat and Paw Care for Dogs in the Winter          

  7. 7 Essential Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool

  8. What’s the Difference Between an Animal Shelter and an Animal Rescue

  9. Pet Dental Health Infographic

  10. Poison Ivy and Your Pet