Top Dog Profiles to Follow on Twitter

  1. PabloA greyhound and an ex-racer from Miami, Florida. Now I live in Canada with my bff @AliceGreyhound, 2 cats, & our two favorite people! I like tweeting cute pics of fellow pups and supporting great animal causes. Follow me.
  2. Gizmo: I’m a fully grown boy-dog from Surrey, BC; both tough and cute. With my poodle legs and a Maltese spirit, I’m searching for the perfect West Coast beach sand to roll in. Woof! Follow me.
  3. Choco: Hi, I’m Choco! People I meet call me the world’s friendliest dog. I love animals + people, and I am told I could get airborne with my tail! Follow me to see what kind of trouble I get into in Vancouver, BC. Follow me.
  4. Nikki & Shorty: Hello there! I am Nikki, a Certified Therapy Dog. And I am Shorty, a rescue dog.  We both want to be balanced dogs! We love doing stuff. We’ll help you learn about balance and health of our great fellow canines! Follow us.
  5. Katy: I’m just a Golden Retriever! I love treats, stuffed animals & THE WORLD!!!...oh did I mention treats? Follow my lead, and I’ll show you what I’m up to today. Maybe we can find a treat or two. Follow me.
  6. Bentley: I’m a brown-eyed beauty with an adventurous spirit! I’m also Chief Correspondent for Big On Beagles Rescue!! Follow me.  
  7. Chance: "What kind of a name is Chance?" "Well my mama took one." I’m so glad she did! Follow me to learn more about what I do in Toronto. Follow me.
  8. Ryder: I am a fetch and frisbee obsessed German Shepherd! Don’t let my name fool you; I am Female, I am 1 year old and trained with positive reinforcement. I feel so confident and lucky - if you follow me, you can see for yourself! Follow me.
  9. Ridley: I’m a 10 year old pug with a new sister Lizzie. I take care of @missrogue & @carlospache_co, and somehow still find time to let my followers know about great things that are going on in the city of Toronto! Follow me.