Petfinder app on iPad



You use your smartphone for everything else, why not for your pet? Keep track of health issues, identify poisonous plants, take better photos, sign your pet up for social media, find out if your dog is a genius, and more with these popular pet apps.


Pet First Aid - A must-have app for all pet owners. Videos and step-by step illustrations walk you through how to care for your furry friends in distress, even if you're deep in the woods and your phone has no bars. This info-packed app has instructions on how to administer medicine, put on a muzzle, deal with a bee sting, and much more. You'll also be able to keep track of your pet's medical records and appointments, so you always know when the next booster shot is due.

Dogbook - The rise of social media for pets was inevitable. Grumpy Cat may be the most famous furry face online, but he's not alone. Download Dogbook, and Max can share photos, earn badges and check in at his favorite fire hydrant, along with 3.25 million of his closest friends. And hey, when the lab that belongs to that cute guy who just moved into 3B checks in at the dog park, you can casually show up for a game of catch. With your dog, of course. 

Dognition – Bringing home a new puppy means rolling the dice on training issues, personality, and inexplicable behaviors. Dognition is a pet app designed by renowned scientists that uses simple tests to determine your dog's cognitive archetype based on five cognitive dimensions: empathy, memory, cunning, communication and reasoning. It's not a training app – that's in the future – but it helps you understand your pup better. You can access the program with a computer, tablet, or any smartphone.


Cats HD – Thinking of adopting a cat, but not sure what breed would suit you? With Cats HD, you can identify breeds by physical features and learn about their personalities. Browse more than 300 cat photos and find out more about each breed's appearance, characteristics, origin and other interesting facts before you commit.

Dog Whistler -  This simple pet app produces a range of dog whistle sounds. You choose the tone, frequency, duration and sound pattern that your dog responds to. Use it to train your dog by stopping bad behaviors. For example, you can set a repeatable motion activated alarm to keep your dog off the couch. Leave your phone on the couch, and an annoying alarm will sound each time your dog jumps on the couch.

iPottyTrain – having trouble potty training your pup? iPottyTrain lets you keep track of your dog's food and eliminations routine so you'll know when he needs to go out. Taking him out when he needs to go will help prevent accidents.

Doggoes  – Doggoes is a terrific app that finds dog-friendly and off-leash parks, beaches, hiking areas, and rest stops. Users are invited to add their favorite locations to the 7,000 North American destinations already listed. The listings for Canada are more recent, and not all parks are listed yet, but with user input, the list is constantly evolving. Listings include directions, park fees, hours, fencing, park size, restrooms and more.

Petfinder – Petfinder is the perfect app for pet adoption. You can search from over 370,000 adoptable pets from nearly 14,000 shelters and rescue groups from across North America.  You can view pictures, videos and pet profiles. Even if you’re not ready to adopt you can share pets on Facebook, Twitter and more.

My Talking Pet– Amuse yourself and your friends with this fun and silly app. Just snap a photo pf your pet, define the facial features, and record a message. Using the voice changer option, you can give you pet a voice worthy of Alvin the chipmunk or a booming, big-dog sound. Easily share your videos on Facebook or email it to friends.

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine - Dog Tricks features basic commands, games, tricks and tips on behavior issues for dogs and puppies. With nearly 200 pictures and step-by step instructions, this is an invaluable dog training resource. You also get the Bark Machine to amuse your pet (or drive him crazy), with all kinds of sounds like bark, meow, doorbell, fire engine, clicker and squeak toy.