5 Pet Blogs To Follow


Pet blogs can be a great resource for pet lovers, filled with information, tips, training tricks and sheer entertainment. Here are five Canadian pet blogs that provide informative, interesting and engaging content.

  1. The Montreal Dog Blog is written by veterinarians, trainers, and volunteers.  Pet blog topics range from medical and training advice to product reviews. While the main focus is on dogs, cats are well represented. Their “Ask a Vet” and “Ask a Trainer” sections invite readers to submit a query and to browse through questions others have asked. Other topics covered include pet news and issues, grooming, adoption, and cats.
    There's an events page, free giveaways, and even a listing of dog walkers. The Montreal Dog Blog is a can't-miss read for every Quebec dog (and cat) lover.
  2. The Ottawa Dog Blog is a colorful, friendly website that has everything to do with dogs. Features include event write-ups, products, news and training information.The “Services & Stores” page offers a directory listing of local pet-related businesses. A similar feature helps you find a local rescue facility if you're in the market to adopt.
  3. Pets.ca is a well-established site filled with tons of pet information. Founded by two animal-loving friends from Montreal in 2000, the site has grown steadily and now has many contributors from Canada and the U.S. The blog features pets, information and an active forum of pet owners trading stories, asking for advice and sharing tips. The site is well organized, with sections divided by type of pet (dogs, cats, birds, etc), and subdivided by categories such as articles, tips and nutrition.The blog section offers posts, videos and podcasts. Under Pets411, you'll find a directory listing of more than 80,000 pet-related businesses in Canada and the U.S.
  4. Edie the Pug is a fun site about life as seen through the eyes of adorable Edie. Follow her adventures in Ontario, discover words of doggie wisdom, and meet her friends on Edie's Pet of the Week. You'll find upcoming events, heartwarming stories and lots of pictures. This blog is great if you’re looking for something fun to pass the time!
  5. Susan Garret Dog Agility is all about dog training – an important subject for any devoted dog owner. Susan publishes regular posts about dog training, from puppy peaks to the rights and wrongs of training. Susan and her dog training business are located in Ancaster, Ontario.In addition to blog posts, you're invited to sign up for a newsletter and a free e-book called "On Being a Good Student,” written to help you get the most out of training sessions.