As part of our crusade to champion pet owner happiness, Pets Plus Us is partnering with leading companies and organizations in Canada.  We’re just getting started, but we’ve already developed working relationships with some amazing brands. 

Modern Dog / Modern Cat

Modern Dog and Modern Cat Magazine are the top lifestyle magazine for modern pets and their companions. With topics ranging from training and wellness to travel tips and DIY projects, Modern Dog and Modern Cat magazines are full of useful and interesting information and stories from some of the world’s top pet experts. To put it simply, they’re the best pet magazines ever!

Canadian Kennel Club

The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is the primary registry body for purebred dogs in Canada and currently recognizes 175 breeds. As a non-profit organization, the CKC is dedicated to encouraging, guiding, and advancing the interests of purebred dogs and their responsible owners and breeders in Canada and promoting the knowledge and understanding of the benefits which dogs can bring to Canadian society.

If you are a breeder looking to enroll a litter in the 6-Week HeadStart Trial Coverage, please visit or call 1-855-900-3644. 

McCann Dog Training

McCann Professional Dog Trainers has been Canada’s leading trainers since 1982.  Training all dogs, from 10 weeks of age and up, they’ve helped train more than 70,000 family pets to date.  Their world-class facility is purpose-built for the comfort of you and your pet.  Drop by for a tour anytime or view the virtual tour on their website.  You’ll definitely be impressed.  Sign up for classes and in just a few weeks, YOUR dog will become a good family member!