You know your best buddy better than anyone, and it’s hard for someone else to fill your shoes when you and your pet have such a special bond.

Unfortunately, having to leave your pet overnight with someone else is almost inevitable! How can you make the experience positive for both your pet and your sitter?

  1. Book as far in advance as possible. When facilities or sitters are good, they are in demand, especially for popular times of year like long weekends. The earlier you can secure your spot, the better. Nobody likes a last-minute Lucy!

  2. Offer to have them house sit too. If they don’t run a facility, see if your pet sitter can come to you. You won’t have to pack up all your supplies, meaning one less thing for you to stress about before your trip. It also means your pet will be able to hang out in a familiar environment, which is great, because pets are more likely to go missing in new places.

  3. Make the crate great. Most facilities require pets to be crate trained for safety. Get a head start on this so that things go smoothly after drop-off. If your pet is not crate trained, many facilities will charge a board and train fee that is much higher than a boarding rate.

  4. Don’t wait to vaccinate. Ensure all your pet’s vaccinations and preventive procedures are up to date and send in your records in advance.

  5. Meal prep. Most facilities will have you bring your cat or dog’s food so their diet can stay consistent. Write how much and how many times a day your pet eats on the bag or, better yet, pre-portion their food so all your sitter has to do is grab and serve.

  6. Be honest about behaviour issues. If your pet suffers from problems like reactivity, separation anxiety or human aggression, your pet sitter needs to know so they can keep themselves, their other clients and staff safe.

  7. Provide your pet insurance details. If anything should happen, like an accident or illness, leave your pet insurance information with your sitter so they can be ready for anything. If you don’t have pet insurance, get a free quote now

  8. Stick to the necessities. We know, you want your furry friend to be comfortable and have the most fun ever. However, try not to overdo it with too many toys or extras. Your sitter may have limited space and other furry pals to keep track of.

  9. Be ready to pay up. If you have to pay a professional, you may need to budget up to $80 per night for each pet.

  10. Try not to be a helicopter pet parent. Of course, you miss your dog or cat when you’re away, but try not to constantly text, call or email your sitter. They’re busy looking after your fuzzy family member, after all. Set an expectation of 1-2 photos and updates per day so you can stay in the know and they can stay focused.

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