We know it’s true: many cats hate going to the vet. And forcing the visit isn’t on your list of fun activities either. It could be the challenge of just getting your cat to the vet (the marathon chase around the house to get them into their carrier); or just a lower priority because your cat seems healthy, but many cats aren’t getting the annual check-ups that can make a difference to their health.

Here are some of the reasons why taking your cat for regular vet visits is a good idea:

Cats often don’t display symptoms of illness or pain – cats are known for being able to hide illnesses and pain. Your cat may have an issue that you can’t see. Outdoor cats can pick up illnesses in the neighbourhood; and indoor cats can pick up illnesses from items tracked in on your shoes.  Vets know what to look for and can pick up on issues and illnesses before they become more difficult to treat.

A weigh in – we can often be blind to changes in our pet’s weight, especially if the weight gain happens slowly over time. But getting on top of weight gain before it becomes an issue is a great way to protect your cat’s health. Your vet can weigh your cat and make recommendations for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention is better than reactivity – by staying on top of your cat’s health, you can help to prevent complications, emergencies, and bigger issues later on. Not only could this save you money in the long run, but it also keeps your cat healthier.

Dental and oral care – chronic inflammation in the gums can not only cause issues and pain for your cat’s teeth but dental disease can also impact other organs and your cat’s overall health. Your vet can provide information and advice around oral care for your cat.

This August 22 is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, which is a great reminder of the importance of an annual check up for your cat. Book your appointment today to give your cat the preventative and proactive attention they need - and deserve!

Source URL: https://www.petsplusus.com/pet-information/health/why-you-need-to-take-your-cat-to-the-vet