We have good news for those of you that love stylish home décor and are mindful of your pet’s entertainment needs: you no longer need to choose between style and function. Today’s cat accessories are as attractive as they are practical. 

Cat loungers that double as a cat scratcher – from modern minimalist, to country cozy, scratching posts have certainly evolved in terms of style! Look for cat loungers that double as scratching stations. From wooden furniture pieces, to staggered shelving, there are numerous options that will leave both you and your cat satisfied.

Pet tree house – these incredible creations will look like a decorative house plant to you and your guests. Made of dried wood and fake foliage, these tree houses have built in “branches” and shelving that provide endless entertainment for your cat.

Custom cat beds – pets love to lounge and nap, often in a sun beam right in the middle of a high traffic room in the house. Consider a custom-covered cat bed, done in a fabric pattern that complements and accentuates your room’s décor. You’ll just need to remind your guests that it isn’t a floor cushion for them!

Climbing towers – today’s climbing towers can look more like beautiful abstract works of art, rather than a source of endless entertainment for your cat. Made of various materials, and in many different colour schemes, you’re bound to find one that matches the style of your home.

Keep the ideas coming! We’d love to see how you’ve incorporated your pet’s needs into your home décor. Share your pics with us on Instagram @PetsPlusUs

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