Spring is here and it’s time to leave the cabin fever behind! Here are some outdoor games that will have both you and your furry sidekick moving about.

DIY obstacle course – not only is an obstacle course fun, but it also builds your dog’s agility and can be built in your backyard using materials you likely already own. The best activities to include are jumping, weaving, tunnel and ramp obstacles. Plywood and cinder blocks can be used for ramps; play tunnels your children have outgrown for tunnel mazes; cones or curtain rods for weaving; and a pool noodle for jumping. Take stock of the materials you have on hand and get creative! Just make sure the materials you use for jumping and weaving are collapsible and lightweight to prevent injuries as your pup learns the course.

Outdoor water parkwhen temperatures rise, having a backyard water park is a great way to keep your furry friend(s) cool and entertained. Plastic kiddie pools and sprinklers are a great first step. You can even place them on a tarp to save your lawn from getting overly saturated. Of course, you can always set up a sprinkler next to an agility obstacle course like the one we mention above!

Chasing bubbles chasing bubbles is a great activity to tire out your pooch, and have fun along the way. To teach your pet to chase bubbles, start by blowing a few near them. You can point at the bubbles and “catch” them yourself. Your dog will likely learn quickly! You can then blow numerous bubbles at a time and watch them delight in chasing and catching them until they tire out. Note: Make sure you use pet-friendly or dog-safe bubbles that are non-toxic. 

This is just a short list of some of the fun activities you and your dog can enjoy as the weather warms up. If you and your pet have a favorite activity, share it and tag us on Instagram @PetsPlusUs




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