While most people think of training as teaching your dog to ‘sit,’ there are actually many benefits that reach beyond this. Training isn’t just limited to new pups either - it’s equally beneficial for adult, senior dogs, and even cats to learn some new tricks! However, be mindful of your pet’s capabilities before starting any new training regimens and always make sure to move at their pace.

Take a look below for 3 key benefits that training your pet has to offer:

1. Training Helps Burn Off Energy

Training is a great way for pets to release excess energy as well as boost concentration. A training program for adult, senior dogs and cats will keep their body and mind active and stimulated. You can teach an old dog...or cat new tricks!

And, no matter your pet’s age, training is an excellent way to create and grow the trust and bond between you and your canine or feline counterpart.

2. Training Helps Their Health

Training, especially the kind that involves agility and tricks, can maintain or improve good health. This is because the training of this nature typically involves running or jumping, and other forms of physical maneuvering. Not surprisingly, increased muscle strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance are all areas that can reap the rewards of this type of training. Just as with humans, new physical challenges can help dogs and cats overcome physical and mental plateaus, keeping them interested and excited about daily life.

3. Training can Improve Intelligence

Not only will you be increasing your pet’s wealth of knowledge, but their ability to learn new things can also improve. The more you practice training, the more efficient the learning process will become for them. With this inevitably comes an increase in your pet’s confidence – not only in themselves but also in you.

Starting a new training program with your pet is simple. Begin with short training sessions every few days, making sure to keep a few motivators (treats) on hand, and gradually increase the frequency and duration. It won’t be long before you, and your pet, realize the many benefits of training.

Remember, be patient & have fun!

Source URL: https://www.petsplusus.com/pet-information/pet-ownership/benefits-of-training-your-pet