Millions of photos of pets are taken around the world every day. Let’s face it, having a smartphone with their incredible cameras in our pockets 24/7 makes it pretty easy to snap, edit and post photographs of our furry friends in an instant. And…let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a cute pet pic?

There’s no special equipment required with these tips! Just grab your phone, watch your pet closely, have patience and start shooting!

Get Outside 

Tips for taking great pet photos

Good natural light is the whole ‘bowl of biscuits’ when it comes to photography, especially when taking pictures of your pets! Pet owners should avoid photographing their pets in dark rooms or on very dark dreary days. Bright and clear light is the easiest to create a flattering pet portrait. Also, shooting in your pet’s their natural environment is stress free and more fun for them.

For dogs, consider your backyard, local park or trail. For cats, if they are leash trained or have a safe spot outside that they already go to, feel free to photograph them in some tall grasses or lounging in the sun. If your cat is an indoor cat, photograph them by a window and give them something to look at and enjoy, like a bird feeder.  Before you even get started, take a look around your environment and determine where the best light is and head on over to that location.

Focus on their Features

Great pet photos - focus on the smile
Great pet photos - silly faces

The eyes, nose and mouth are the most expressive part of your pet’s face, so if you want to create really fetching photos, focus on those spots and their many expressions. If they are awake, a perfectly timed whistle or “Wanna go to the park?” from you can really create focus or a head tilt for the curious. If your pet is sleeping, this really gives you an opportunity to get those up close and personal candid shots of their face, nose and even their furry paws!

Get Down and Dirty  

Great pet photos - getting close
Great pet photos - get low

Get down and around, your pet’s level and take pictures from different angles for more interesting and captivating shots. You may want to stretch first, but changing your cameras perspective from above, below, in front, and even behind allows you to use your creativity to produce different shots that highlight the favorite parts of your pet from all different points of view. Don’t be afraid to try action shots as well. Getting the right shot though, means having a lot of patience and having your trigger finger ready to shoot!

Grab Their Attention

Great pet photos - attention

Every pet needs some sort of motivation to pay attention, especially when you’re trying to get them to focus while taking their picture. If you’re not engaging enough, your pet will simply become disinterested and withdrawn. Motivate your pets and make it a fun experience. For dogs try using treats, toys and praise – always make it positive! For cats, a feather toy, crunchy treat bag, and even catnip can give them a little pick me up and get them in a more playful and frisky mood.

Remember, always reward your model, and they will reward you with the paw-fect pic and be more likely to cooperate, which will make it a fun experience for all!


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