They love you unconditionally, they listen to your every word (well, most of the time) and are always ready with a kiss or snuggle. So how do you show that special dog or cat in your life some love? We’ve come up with 5 healthy ways to treat your best furry friends, and have a little fun at the same time.

1. Spend a little extra time with each other.

Whether it’s an extra few laps around the park or an extra-long game of laser pointer, one of the best ways to show your love is quality time together. Think outside your normal routine: build an obstacle course, make them hunt for treats or play a little hide-and-seek.

2. Everyone deserves a spa day.

While grooming your pet should be a part of your normal routine, consider investing in a new brush or shampoo to make them feel best in show. For an extra special treat, check out your local groomer for any special packages to pretty them up!

3. Pick up a plaything.

Always a hit no matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a new pet-safe toy. Make sure the toys are appropriate for your pet’s size, activity level, and chewing behaviours. Of course, we recommend that you always supervise your pet with all toys, both new and old to make sure they bring nothing but joy into their life.

4. Commission a keepsake.

Make it a year to remember with a special pet portrait photography session or original piece of art! What better way to treat your pet than to give them a place of honour over your mantle with their stunning image forever enshrined. Check with your local pet photographer for portraits that can include your pet(s) and even yourself. Many local artists also do commissions of pet portraits – they’re more popular than you think – and can take your favourite snapshot and turn it into a real piece of art.

5. Give from the heart.

Does your pet have more toys than you can shake a stick at? Consider making a donation in their honour to a local pet shelter and help spread happiness to furry friends everywhere!

Source URL: https://www.petsplusus.com/pet-information/health/healthy-ways-treat-your-pet