Cats are always on the prowl for a comfortable and safe spot to lie. They prefer small spaces such as corners and hidden nooks and crannies, because they give them a sense of security.

Cat beds can be a popular item when seeking comfort if placed in an appealing location. Here are a few tips on where to place a bed to increase the chance of it being used:

In the closet

Closets provide a quiet space for a cat to sneak away to. If you have a closet that’s cat accessible, try placing their bed on a shelf or tucked into a corner to give your cat the sense of security and safety they long for. If you don’t have a free closet, a box or cubby hole in a room or built into a piece of furniture will do. Additionally, a bed is much more likely to be adopted by your cat if you avoid high traffic areas.

Cat Beds Way up high

Placing a bed on top of a cat tree in your house will have your cat in kitty heaven. If possible, place the cat tree close to a window so your cat can watch traffic, look at the birds and bask in the sun.

The corner seat

There’s a reason the corner seat on your couch is a favourite resting spot for your cat. Just like humans, cats love to be curled up. It you give them a corner to nestle into, they’re likely to take it, so try placing their bed in the corner of an unused chair, couch or room.

A safe place

To keep your cat happy, monitor their sleep habits to see if there’s a particular spot or room they like to lounge in before choosing where to place the bed.  When you stick with a familiar setting, they’ll be more willing to use the new bed.

Keep it clean

Although comfort and security are important, cats are also very clean. Ensure the bed is far away from the kitty litter, and pick a bed made from washable material. 

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