Way to Say Goodbye to a Dearly Departed Pet

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a cherished friend and beloved companion. We’ll miss their cold noses, the spontaneous snuggles, the pitter-patter of paws on the floor, and the sloppy but always affectionate kisses.
Just as everyone grieves differently, the ways in which people choose to honour the memory of their pets also vary from person to person.
Perhaps you want to give them a proper send-off that will honour them and all the years of companionship they gave to you. Or maybe you’d like a keepsake that will always remind you of the impact they had on your life. After some time has passed, you may begin to consider memorializing your pet in a way that has special significance to your relationship.
Choosing a Final Resting Place
After the loss of a beloved pet, deciding what to do with their remains may seem like an impossible task. For some, selecting a final resting place provides a sense of closure. A customized headstone or plaque can be used if you choose to bury your pet on your own property. Even if your pet is buried elsewhere, the plaque can be displayed within the home as well.
Other pet parents have been known to work with a local pet cemetery to host a traditional funeral. If open to other friends and family members, this gives your pet’s extended family a chance to say goodbye as well.
If an owner opts to have their pet cremated, they may choose to scatter their ashes in a place that has meaning to both of them like a favourite tree or hiking trail. Alternatively, some people may prefer to have the remains of their dearly departed pet closer to home. Some select from a variety of urns or even carry the ashes of their pet in a memorial necklace.
How about planting a memorial tree in your backyard? The tree, planted in your pet’s honour, will commemorate the years of outdoor play and adventures you enjoyed together. You may even consider purchasing an innovative and eco-friendly “tree urn” which uses your pet’s ashes to make tree seeds.
Memorial Tattoos
Some people choose to memorialize their pet permanently in the form of a tattoo so they always carry their pet with them. It could be their name, portrait, or a symbol that reminds them of their furry friend.
Photos and Keepsakes
Sure, everyone keeps their photos on their phones nowadays, but there’s something special about flipping through a photo album. Create an album or scrapbook of your favourite photos that you can flip through whenever you want to remember the good times and share those memories with others.
Another creative way to keep your pet’s spirit alive is through a photo frame or shadow box. Use them to display your pet’s collar, photo, and other items that remind you of your loyal companion.
Whether it’s done privately or surrounded by loved ones, lavish or low-key, there’s no right or wrong way to honour your pet. Listen to your heart and choose the method that is most meaningful to you.
We hope these ideas inspire you to keep your pet’s memory alive. While we may overlook the muddy paws they often left on the carpet, we’ll never forget the imprints that their pawprints left on our hearts.

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