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Books to Boost Your Dog's Training and Behaviour

Many people who share their homes with a canine animal companion experience some level of behavioural problems.

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Top Ten Cat Profiles to Follow on Twitter

Meet the must-follow cats of Twitter!

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Aging Golden Retriever

Unique Pet Products for Aging Pets

With significant improvements in terms of food, veterinary care and living conditions, our pets’ life expectancy has been greatly extended.

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Vet examining Golden Retriever

Why Your Pet Needs an Annual Physical Examination

When you’re not feeling well you know it and you seek medical attention. But our pets can’t talk, and they can’t tell us how they feel.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Get to Know Your Veterinarian


10 Tail Wagging Tips For Pet Blogging

Pet blogging is a great way to share information about animal companions.

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8 Easy Tips For Reducing Anxiety In Your Pets During Visits To The Vet

Although some pets can hardly wait for their annual check-up, most get anxious before you’ve even entered the clinic.

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Therapy dog with children

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Therapy Dogs

What is a therapy dog? Are they working dogs? What do they do exactly and who do they help?

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Are We Super-Sizing Our Pets?

In a world of “super-sized” meals and sedentary living, we’re getting larger… and so are our pets.

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Picture of the Pets Plus Us pack and pets

Take Your Pet To Work Day