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Dog with his head down an animal hole in the ground

Protecting Pets From Outdoor Wildlife and Pests

As responsible pet owners, we take extra precautions to keep our animals safe, but we can't always stop them from being bitten by mosquitoes or having a run in with wildlife.

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Yellow lab laying on exam table

Cancer Treatments for Cats and Dogs

Cancer is just as prevalent a disease in our pets, as it is in us. In fact, it is the leading cause of disease related deaths in both dogs and cats.

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Diabetes in Cats

Pet owners are often surprised to learn that their pet can get the very same diseases as they can – and often for the same reasons. A good example of this is Diabetes Mellitus, known as sugar diabetes.

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Golden Retriever standing in field with 3 pumpkins

No Tricks, Just Treats: Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween Pancreatitis and Your Pet

With trick-or-treaters outside your home, more people coming to your door and decorations around the house, there could be trouble. To ensure a fun and safe evening for every member of your family, it’s important to anticipate potential issues and plan ahead.

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Chocolate lab rolling in leaves

Pet Health Tips You'll Fall for This Autumn

As we get ready to hunker down, now is the perfect time to take a look around your home and make it the most pet-friendly environment, while avoiding some seasonal hazards.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Pet Obesity Awareness

Did you know? Dogs kept lean their whole life could live up to 15% longer.

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Tips to Keep the Memory of Your Pet Alive

During the grieving process, everyone copes in different ways, but it can be helpful to take the time to reflect on your life together and find a meaningful way to remember them.

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Woman walking five dogs on leash

When to Hire a Dog Walker and How to Find the Right One

With busy schedules, long work hours and complicated lives outside of the home, it can be a challenge to ensure your pet gets enough exercise and doesn't spend too much time on their own.

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Dog splashing in river

Leptospirosis in Dogs

As dogs have different lifestyles and Lepto is not found everywhere, the discussion about vaccination is important in order to access the risks of exposure versus potentially vaccinating unnecessarily.

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Cat laying on carpet

The Importance of Insuring Indoor Cats

Indoor cats are also prone to accidents and illnesses. Some of which are similar to what is seen in outdoor cats. Due to this, many pet owners choose to protect their indoor cats with pet health insurance.

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