Jack Russell Terrier with apple in mouth

The fall is a great time to enjoy yummy fruits and vegetables that are in season and it’s not just us – our pets enjoy them too! Here’s how you can treat your pet to a healthy alternative this season and even all year round.

Yellow Lab receiving Chiropractic Care

More and more Canadian pet owners are turning to specialists to complement their pet’s veterinary care and improve their overall health and happiness.

Two dogs playing in field with frisbee
Pet Parents
When your dog wants to play and you’re bored with the same old game of fetch, try taking a page out of Andre Yeu’s handbook.
Owner giving dog Heartworm Prevention medication

With so much information about heartworm disease it’s hard to figure out what to believe? Our veterinarian separates true from false.

Stressed Veterinarian

Compassion fatigue can affect anyone in the role of healer, helper, or rescuer. Those in the veterinary profession are especially vulnerable, as it can affect physical and mental health, as well as professional success.

Cat hiding under furniture

Dr. Sperry, DVM, provides best practices on combating stress in your feline friend. Learn ways to read the signs and tackle the source.