Dog standing on grass
Pet Parents

As your pet ages, it can be difficult to see your once energetic pup begin to slow down or your formerly frisky feline begin to lose their playful spark.

Cat standing on a pumpkin

This Thanksgiving, include your pets in the feasting with these simple DIY Thanksgiving treats that are both delicious and nutritious.

white cat lying on a rug
Pet Parents

Is it possible to fully understand your cat? Keep reading to find out!

Woman holding a dog
Pet Parents

Pet Ownership & The Importance of Keeping Your Dog or Cat Safe. When you first took your pet home, it was hard to imagine the imprint they'd make on your life!

Jack Russell Terrier with apple in mouth

The fall is a great time to enjoy yummy fruits and vegetables that are in season and it’s not just us – our pets enjoy them too! Here’s how you can treat your pet to a healthy alternative this season and even all year round.

Yellow Lab receiving Chiropractic Care

More and more Canadian pet owners are turning to specialists to complement their pet’s veterinary care and improve their overall health and happiness.